Classes & Workshops

Looking for Belly Dance Classes?

Zaira is now offering classes in North Fort Worth.  She is hosting Beginner classes at TCU in Fort Worth through their extended education program.  Zaira also teaches Beginner, Intermediate and Advanced and Troupe classes at Barbara’s Dance Studio in Hurst.


2016 Fall Schedule

for Barbara’s Dance Studio



Beginner Classes 6 – 7 pm taught by Zaira*

Intermediate/Advanced Technique 7 – 8 pm taught by Zaira

Choreography 8 – 9 pm taught by Zaira


No Classes

*Beginner classes start in October 2016. 

Barbara’s Dance Studio
428 West Bedford Euless Road
Hurst, TX 76053
Tuition: $15 drop in or $50 per month / class
$70 per month for 2 classes
Note: $20 if dropping in on Tuesday evening for Intermediate/Advanced plus Choreography class.


2016 Fall Classes at TCU

TCU will not be hosting bellydance classes this Fall 2016.  Please check back for our Spring 2017 schedule.

TCU Campus
2800 South University Dr
Fort Worth, TX 76109
Visit for tuition, parking, and location. 

For more information call 817.368.8982 or email us at



The Desert Diamonds

The Desert Diamonds is local Dallas/Fort Worth troupe directed by Zaira.  These ladies love to dance and perform at events around the DFW metroplex.

Want to be a part of “The Desert Diamond’s”?  Come and join us every Tuesday from 8-9 pm at Barbara’s Dance Studio in Hurst, TX.


Class Attire

Proper dress for dance is extremely important as teachers need to be able to see a dancer’s body in order to give corrections.  Please wear close fitting tops and workout pants that allow for belly dance movements.  A close fitting tank top, workout pants or dance skirts/pants, and a hip scarf are preferred.  You do not have to show your midriff.

Baggy T-shirts, dress clothes, and other restricting clothes/materials are not acceptable and should be avoided.  Baggy T-shirts should be worn to and from the studio as cover-ups.

Bare feet, dance slippers, or socks are appropriate.  Happy feet only please!

Performance Opportunities

Students are not required to perform but are given the opportunity every month for Harem Nite at Stratos Greek Taverna in Dallas, TX.  Other opportunities include local festivals, the state fair, and many other fun and festive events.

Harem Nite

Harem Nite is an open forum for belly dancers and takes place the first Thursday of each month.  It is a very special event where everyone is welcome and encouraged to perform- students and professionals alike!  Come join us for a fun night of dancing and friendship!

The FIRST Thursday of every month:

Stratos Greek Taverna

2907 Northwest Highway, Dallas, TX 75220

Call for reservations- 214.352.3321

Dancers arrive with your music by 7:00 pm if you wish to perform.  Show starts at 7:30 pm.


Class Descriptions

Beginner Belly Dance:  Beginner classes will work on developing basic belly dance technique.  This class will give you a great foundation for all types of bellydancing styles.  Zaira will explore different music and rhythms (i.e., Egyptian, Arabic, Turkish, etc.).  Classes include a basic warm-up, technique, and apply the technique using a simple dance combination.  You will need to master the steps outlined in the beginner classes before moving on to our intermediate belly dance classes.  This class includes the introduction of the veil.

Intermediate Belly Dance: In this class, you will expand your repertoire of dance steps, rhythm knowledge, and music vocabulary. While learning graceful transitions between moves and fun combinations, you will also learn the framework for building exciting choreography’s by enhancing your skills in layering movements, level changes, directional changes, and emphasizing and de-emphasizing movement to match the music. This class introduces the use of props such as zills and veils.  You will need to master this class before moving into our advanced belly dance class.

Zill Drill Class: This unique zill drill class, which is included in both intermediate belly dance classes, will help you become proficient in playing various zill patterns (i.e., beledi, kashlimar, chiftetelli, bolero, and other variations of the 4/4, 9/8, 6/8, and 2/4 patterns).

Advanced Belly dance Class: Get exposed to sophisticated steps and skilled layering techniques.  Strength building and mastery of transitions in footwork and body isolation’s is emphasized here.  Advanced work with props such as veil, candle, and sword technique are taught. Instructor approval needed for enrollment in this class.

Choreography Class:  Be inspired!  This new belly dance choreography class focuses on learning a choreography and performance. In this class, you will expand your repertoire of dance steps, rhythm knowledge, and music vocabulary. This is a very exciting choreography class that is sure to enhance your skills in layering movements, level changes, directional changes, and emphasizing and de-emphasizing movement to match the music.