The Desert Diamonds


The Desert Diamonds Belly Dance Performance Company

The Desert Diamonds are a middle eastern dance troupe from the Dallas Fort Worth area.  They perform regularly at many events, restaurants, private parties, weddings, and events across the metroplex.  They love to dance and have been together for over 3 years showcasing their love for the dance.  They dance to traditional music from around the world as well as modern styles and performances often include the use of finger cymbals, swords, canes, fan veils, veils, candles, and many other exciting props.
For more information on troupe members and how to schedule us for your next special event, please see the Dancer Biographies (below) and Contact Us page of this site.
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Introducing the Desert Diamonds….

Madame Shakti has always loved music and dance and expressed her passion for both very early in elementary school folk dance groups and high school drill team, while the disco era was one of her favorite times, she continued to explore other expressions of dance through ballroom, tap, jazz, hip hop, salsa and bachata.  Shakti began her career in oriental dance in 2004 and has performed professionally in numerous venues such as the State Fair of Texas, ArborDaze, Canalfest, weddings, birthday parties and other eclectic venues. In addition to performing with belly dance troupes she also acted as emcee and DJ for performers at Stratos Greek Taverna.  One of the greatest thrills for her is achieved by performing the essence of the music through dance and connecting with your audience. When she is not dancing Madame Shakti enjoys scuba diving, kayaking, swimming, running, volunteering at a local brewery, creating new costumes and spending time with her family.  “Great dancers are not great because of their technique, they are great because of their passion.” Martha Graham

IMG_4512Maya says a day without dance is a day incomplete.  At a very early age Maya has been studying and experimenting with different forms of dance from around the world and their fusion together.  Inspired by her worldly travels, Maya has decided to dedicate her time to develop and fuse cultural dances from around the world.  Over the last 6 years she has begun to perform belly dance, tango, bachata, modern dance andd circus arts.  She has enjoyed dancing with The Desert Diamonds since 2013.

 Koru fell in love with the ancient movements and ethnic music of Bellydance after seeing a TV fitness show called Shimmy in 2009. Skoruhe quickly emersed herself in Oriental, Folklore and Egyptian Styles while performing in Restaurants, Festival, Shows and other Venues with Ginnina, Susan Jewells and Selena Kareena of El Paso, TX and Las Cruces, NM. She currently studies and performs with Zaira’s Desert Diamonds, Tribal Fusion with Bella Natana’s Tribe and Voi/Poi events with son Jeffrey. Opa!

 Roheryn was raised in Arizona, she finds things of the desert the most beautiful.  It was this love of the desert that lead to an kathleen-bd-pic-for-webpageenchantment of the Arabian horse, and from there a growing curiosity of belly dance.  After many years as a veterinary technician, she wanted to incorporate art and creativity back into daily life.  Never having danced before, belly dancing still felt like something she had always had inside of her.  She started belly dancing in Oregon, and the most ancient dances and flowing graceful moves of the veil are her favorite.  She was able to even perform once with her dog by combining belly dance and canine freestyle before moving to Texas.  Two adorable boys later, Roheryn has come back to the dance she loves.  She is looking forward to fusing belly dance with Celtic music, as her heritage can be firmly traced back to the kings and warriors of northern Ireland.

Xena has been belly dancing for over 10 years.  She joined the Authentic Belly Dance Academy with Neenah and was a member of the elite Harem Jewels who were voted as Gigmasters Best Entertainers in Dallas for 2013.  She started branching out with other local artists including Sa’diyya, Aliki, Zaira, Jenaviva, and the Salsa Passion Dance Company.  venusHer favorite style to dance is a fusion of belly dance and Brazilian.  Xena also inspired the Desert Diamonds to create a belly dance Samba drum routine!  She is a VIP Member Service Professional at DFW International Airport, a certified fitness instructor specializing in Cardio Circuit / Muscular Strength / Health and Wellness – Foundations of Group Exercise.  She enjoys the expressiveness of belly dancing and believes that it is an excellent form of exercise for people of all ages, body types or fitness levels.




Zahara fell in love with belly dancing after her first class and joined the Authentic Belly dance Academy with Neenah in 2012.   She has studied many different style

debby1s of this art form and has studied under Aliki, Reyna, Jenaviva, Zaira, Dalidia, and Neenah from Dallas, TX.  In 2014, she began studying with Meleea, lady of the feather fans.  She has performed in many different events as a soloist and with the troupe around the Dallas Fort Worth metroplex.  Her favorite events include performing at Turkish and Greek restaurants, homes, and at the Majestic theater.  She enjoys the art of belly dancing, the sisterhood, support, and kindness of the dancers she meets.   As she continues to study this art form in class, she continues to grow on stage as she gains more and more confidence with every performance.  Her favorite prop is the Wings of Isis.  She is also a very talented florist in Dallas and enjoys creating unique and modern costumes.