Workshops with Zaira

 Sponsor Zaira for a Workshop

Workshops are a great way to study a special topic.  Zaira is available for domestic workshops, seminars, and performances.  Please fill out a contact us form for information regarding sponsoring Zaira for a workshop.

Zaira is only offering workshops at this time, no classes.

Advanced Sword Workshop with Zaira

All of Zaira’s workshops are 90-120 minutes and can be tailored to vary in skill levels from beginner to advanced, and often will be modified to suit the abilities of the participating dancers.

Check Zaira’s bellydance calendar for the next date and workshop/class location information.


Workshop topics include:

  • Turkish Cabaret Combo’s and Choreography
  • Egyptian Combo’s and Choreography
  • Drum Solo Combo’s and Choreography
  • Improvisation
  • Feather Fan/Veil Fan
  • Candle
  • Sword
  • Turkish Skirt Dance
  • Zill Drill
  • Saidi
  • Raks Assaya (Cane)
  • Melaya Leff
  • Wings and Veil
  • Costuming
  • Stage Make-Up
  • How to be a restaurant dancer
  • How to perform bellygrams
  • How to dance with a drummer
  • How to host a workshop


Zaira contributed so much in her brief time in New England. We had the opportunity to collaborate on a photoshoot with Michael Baxter. We hosted him over a weekend and set up several photoshoots with area dancers. Zaira was an enormous help, and fun to work with.

Zaira hosted some very successful events when she lived in NH. They were well-attended and well run. She has also written a couple of articles for my online magazine, Belly Dance New England. Zaira was a great addition to the New England dance community.

I was sorry to see her move away – New Hampshire’s loss is Texas’ gain!    ~ Amy Smith /